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The Redsuit Project




A critical response by Dane Sutherland: The Reduit Project : Performing Space>

The Redsuit Project emerged from Keepers, in 2009, when I employed a disposable red suit, mainly because I liked the colour and then because these suits weigh almost nothing, they were something I could pack and take anywhere, including on the small helicopter to Godrevy Lighthouse where there was a tight luggage allowance. When I went to o In dia to take part in Soil BIte I packed a few red coveralls in my bag and began photographing these - sometimes as costumes, sometimes as objects. At the end of the artists wokshop in India I gace a few artists a redsuit and asked if they would send me some images using the suits. So began the redsuit project which was presented initially in 2010 at Left Bank Gallery in Tarland, Aberdeenshire by as part of the FARLAND exhibition.


When I had the opportunity of a solo show in the Lang Byre at Woodend Barn Arts Centre, I decided to expand the project and put out an open call inviting anyone at all top send images of themselves with a redsuit - the only caveat being that they should not reveal their identity in the photo.


These were gathered and exhibited together in  an  exhibitiuon which opened on May 1st  2102 -  which is also Labour Day. The red coloured theme seemed appropriate - though I think this connection passed most folk by.


The images above are a selection from the exhibition :Who's Who'. Although in this slide show the names of the image makers are shown alongside their photo, this was not the case in the gallery where a key was provided, so although audiences were able to work out who made which image, the initial encounter was  with a mass of photographs of the same red character in different situations.

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