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J a n e t  M c E w a n



A collaborative project with Back Lane West & CMR. Redruth Cornwall.  April 2012.



The Call....


Be inspired by CMR'S  'SAVE OUR PLACARD'S', which brings a collection of placards from the anti Govt spending cuts demonstration, "March for the Alternative" in London on March 26th 2011, to Reduth, Cornwall, and join us at Back Lane West for conversation, placard making and of course ... tea!  

Please also bring any placards you may have lurking at home, old or new.

All the placards produced  will form the bones of an installation /performance in Redruth in the very near future...we will keep you posted.

There will be no charge for this event, and materials will be provided to improvise with - but feel free to bring more - there's a lot to say..........





The Response.....


Over the weekend BLW welcomed a good number of budding placard makers, including several who were preparing for the Pasty protest march in Truro the following day.  Happy to report that the protests achieved their aim and the proposed VAT tax on pasties was rejected.


A good number of placards were constructed, amid a good deal of conversation. The following week a few of us took all the placards and placed them in the windows of one of the empty shops in the centre of Redruth, where they prompted some immediate postitive reactions such as - 'It's good to see this - its about the freedom to speak!"


The following weekend a few of us chose a placard and walked through the town holding them in the air.

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