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J a n e t  M c E w a n

The Petrologists

An experimental work developed during Transitions 10 Residency at Newlyn Gallery in Penzance in Nov 2013.


Investigating the nature of stone three ways.


1. Recording the sound of stone on stone.


2. Crushing stone and fixing the dust to 16mm film. Projecting the film.


3. Projecting a loop of 16mm black leader film, scratched with a piece of found flint stone, onto the surface of stone itself which I hold in the front of the  projector - a vintage SPECTO. The film loop is slowly but steadlily destroyed as it repeatedly passes over the sharp edges of the flint stone.

The scratched lines allow light throigh evoke the sparks & flames of a fire. Several visitors to the gallery could not resist staring into the 'flames".


In 2014 I produced this short film "The Petrologists" using documentation from the peformance.

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