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Gathering Dirt Falmouth 14

Gathering Dirt Falmouth 14. A workshop/activity during the SOIL CULTURE Forum. July 2014, Falmouth, Cornwall.


Over four days at Falmouth University’s Woodlane campus in July this year, the RANE research group in collaboration with The Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World (CCANW) invite people to join them at the Soil Culture Forum.


I proposed to lead an activity spanning 3 days with Soil Scientist Ann Osman. Delegates were requested to bring a soil sample with them to the Forum. 44 samples were catalogued and then mixed together in a home made compost tumbler. The resulting loam was subjected to a standard full suite soil analyses, before an edition of 90 bottles containing this blend was produced. Delegates were invited to take one of the edition home with them. A report containing all the information and data about the amalgamous mix , GDF14, was then circulated to all delegates. Further tests are to be carried out on the GDF14 mix and results will be shared in due course.

< Stop frame animation showing all the 44 samples in order of collection.



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