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J a n e t  M c E w a n

Ringtones (film)

Captured in Super8 format, and hand processed, the footage for this film was taken during the development of artist Janet McEwan's commission for 'Look Again' Festival in Aberdeen 2017. Interested in the public nature of church bells and fascinated by the mechanics of the carillon of bells in the Kirk of St Nicholas in the centre of the city, McEwan invited 2 musicians - Davy Cattanach and Paddy Buchanan, to compose a set of new musical scores to be played on the Carillon by the city's only Carilloneur - Ronald Leith.


The resulting seven short scores were performed on the Carillon by Ronald Leith each day of the festival when they could be heard around the city centre

Recordings are still available to listen to on the festival website, alongside downloadable sheet music and mobile phone ringtones of each composition.


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