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J a n e t  M c E w a n

The Eternal Present : Gneiss Granite Gabbro

A commissioned permanent public artwork for Oldmeldrum, Aberdeenshire, installed Dec 2011.


Using material sourced in three local quarries, the designs are informed by the forms of the three recorded finds of late Neolithic Carved stone balls, close to Oldmeldrum.

The function of these prehistoric artifacts, found predominantly in NE Scotland, remains a mystery, but produced before Plato was born, and the Great Pyramid constructed, they evidence an appreciation of geometry which invites a rethinking of the history of mathematics.


The designs of the original three petrospheres were carved into these larger versions with the assistance of technicians at Fyfe Glenrock, one of the largest remaining stone processing facilities in the country, which has its yard a few hundred yards from Oldmeldrum town centre.

In the local community cafe, located in the town hall,  there are also framed photographic prints of the 3 boulders in the quarries where I found them, prior to transporting them to the stoneyard for carving. Images below.


As commissioned artist for the Oldmeldrum Public Art Project, I produced a website and blog documenting as much as I could of the process of developing the work, which unfolded over a period of around 18 months. 


The Eternal Present was given an Aberdeenshire Design Award for Public Art.


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