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J a n e t  M c E w a n

I say what I see : My a wra leverel an pyth a virav.

Portrait of a Pantomime Kernewek. Helston Folk Museum. Cornwall. 12 – 25 Jan 2013.


Erghwynn ha’n Seyth Korr ( Snowhite & the Seven Dwarves)


Several years ago writer Yowann Parker penned a pantomime version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves in the Cornish Language (Kernewek) : Erghwynn ha'n Seyth Korr. This was performed in Madron, Cornwall in Dec 2012 by An Klas An-Hay - a group studying Kernewek with Koreen Twydell, and very probably the only people doing Cornish Language pantomimes anywhere in the world today. This play gave the group another learning tool, particularly helpful as at present there is very little opportunity to speak the language in everyday life. Both Yowann and Koreen are language Bards of the Gorsedh Kernow.


This exhibition, produced by Janet McEwan and An Klas An-Hay; presenting documentation, costumes, props and photographic portraits of the cast of the one-night-only production, considers not only the relevance of Kernewek and the enduring love of pantomime in present day Cornwall, but also the vital contribution of the amateur to the contemporary Cornish cultural landscape.





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