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All Points of Contact


All Points of Contact was produced during Three Points of Contact.

Penzance, Cornwall. Jan 2013.


Three Points of Contact is a curatorial collaboration by Judit Bodor,

Jenny Brownrigg and Blair Todd borne out of research around the importance of nomadism, mobility and dialogue in supporting creative practice. The residency was set up as an experimental space at different galleries, where the artists could research and develop ideas through collaborative experiments, dialogue and public interaction. In the pilot year, the three-month residency happened in York (The New School House Gallery, 13–23 November 2012), Glasgow (The Glasgow School of Art,3–14 December 2012) and Penzance (The Exchange, 15–26 January 2013). The research and the pilot year was supported The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and Portuguese duo Von Calhau! was selected to come to the UK and work alongside selected regional artists.


I had the opportunity to join the residency during the Penzance hub.


While talking with other artists at the Penzance hub, I became intrigued by the number of folk who spoke of feeling a strong connection with the surrounding landscape, and began wondering (again!) what it is that draws us to places as certain times. Was this temporary constellation of artists just down to curatorial magic?


I decided to investigate how many more points of contact might be made visible through esoteric mapping. With birth data generously provided by 15 TPofC participants, I used free online software to produce an astrocartographic chart for each person.  


Astrocartography or locational astrology involves combining astrological natal charts with geopolitical maps and claims to reveal where in the world individuals might encounter planetary energies, all of which are said to have distinct qualities which may benefit or challenge aspects of our lives. The 15 charts combined on a map of Europe encompassing Von Calhau’s home base, Lisbon, produced an image resembling the score for a prepared piano.




TPofC ISSU Publication





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