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Walls Rise Tears Fall

In the wake of Brexit (The United Kingdom European Union membership referendum  in 2016), in February 2017,  I travelled by car from Cornwall, where I am based, to Scotland to visit family and friends.  With all the Brexit and Scottish Referendum discussions about borders in the midst of the larst global refugee crisis since the 2nd wolrld war, enroute I decided to visit Hadrian's Wall, which many, including yours trully, still think of as the Anglo-Scottish border. In fact the entire wall lies in England - in the east its 68miles away from Scotland.

It was a defensive structure built by the Romans from 122AD, and the purpose was to keep out the northern barbarians.

Altough many sections are missing it remains an impressive piece of human engineering and effort, testifying the determination of the Romans to keep the alians at bay, who they were obviously pretty frightened of.

Close to Hardian's Wall I came across a working quarry where I selected a piece of red sandstone, and took it with me to Aberdeenshire where I decided to carve text on each side.  I chose words I hoped would reflect my feelings - mainly sorrow - that the walls and borders we erect to supposedly protect nations, are similar in essence to the barriers individuals place between each other when they misunderstand one another.

On one side "Walls Rise" and on the other "Tears Fall".




Red Sandstone. Dimensions approx  100cm x 15cm x 7cm.

This work was presented at The Newlyn Society of Artist's show titles "Borders" at Tremenheere Gallery, Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens, Penzance, Cornwall, UK.

March 2017.

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