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J a n e t  M c E w a n

Black & White Flag

A short time lapse film (1:37min) captured over a 7 hour period, considering the origin and symbolism of the Cornish flag, produced during a residency at Back Lane West artist project space, Redruth Cornwall, March 2012.


The Black and white flag is also known as the flag of St Piran, one of the patron saints of Cornwall, and also of tin miners, said to have miraculously floated over from Ireland to the shores of Cornwall on a millstone , many moons ago, having been thrown into the sea by Irish heathens.


On Sat 3rd March 2012, the day of St Piran's Festival in Redruth, I opened the doors of BLW to the public and visitors were invited to contribute to this work by consuming and/or rearranging 1500 unconsecrated alter breads set out in the pattern of this flag. I had painted many of these alter breads with edible black ink, illuminating the cross form embossed in the surface of the dough-  transforming them into tiny St Piran Flags.

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