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J a n e t  M c E w a n


Photographic installation 2013. Produced for AIR PRESSURE. April/13. Academy of Research and Innovation, Falmouth University.


An exhibition of creative works, including presentations, interventions and performances alongside events at the Academy of Innovation and Research (AIR) - inviting enquiring

minds and entrepreneurial souls to a week of activity responding to and communicating

changing climate : considerating how climate change challenges assumptions built into our current way of life and how it can reshape the role of art and culture and their connections with other activities.


Between May and July in 2011 a 25acre photovoltaic plant was constructed very close to the working permanent pasture farm on the North Coast of Cornwall where I live. After being denied entry to photograph the construction process I began capturing images with a digital camera from behind the parameter fence of the site, where heavy machinery and a mainly imported labour force was transforming the arable fields into an industrial plant, initially patrolled at night with a watchman and dog, prior to the installation of a remote security camera system. Our neighbourhood was being radically, speedily and rather bewilderingly remodeled in the name of renewable energy - was this for the best?


Printed on tracing paper, mounted on the windows of the AIR building, to be illuminated by natural light, 6 images selected from the series narrate the development of this solar plant close to my home, while simultaneously inviting the audience to look beyond the boundaries of the university campus to the surrounding landscape, where the topography evidences changing agricultural practices and land use prompted by shifting circumstances, including the presence of the campus itself.


Airpressure intall1LR
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