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J a n e t  M c E w a n



Images: Morag Robertson

A  40 minute performance at low tide on Godrevy Beach, Cornwall, involving ten people dressed in red coveralls etching a large scale drawing in the sand with garden rakes. The choreographed movements were prompted by a foghorn, fired by the central figure.( McEwan)

While the design was in apart a homage to the nearby Godrevy Lighhthouse, ( made famous internationally through Virginia Woolf's novel "To the LIghthouse"), the performance also referred to the substantial industrial heritage associated with the beach, now a place reserved almost solely for leasure activity. The performance also aimed to question the notion of artwork  solely as the product of one individual, and celebrate collective endeavour.

The performance also linked to a journey to Godrevy Island by McEwan, who dressed in a red coverall, hung out a washing line from the look out platform on Godrevy Lighthouse for a few hours. The washing consisted of alternate red and white coveralls, the colours often associated with lighthouses.

This was  a collaborative work with artist Lucie Bray.

The performance was part of a site- specific weekend event, located on Godrevy Headland, which included a photographic installation across the headland, and a film evening in the nearby village hall, curated by McEwan. For more about the project:

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